LOUGH NEAGH DISTILLERSWelcome to the home of Lough Neagh Distillers


Like many businesses in start-up and scale mode there's always risks and dangers. It's part of the fun. Having secured a significant contract in the US the pandemic that is COVID-19 was an unforeseen risk that has affecged all of us worldwide. The effect of the pandemic is that is has placed our project and plans very much in a holding pattern.

Our supply chain has stalled and our move to premises in Lurgan, Co Armagh is on hold. As is our capacity to manufacture.

We hope to be back up and functional again as the lockdown eases. Our intention is to restart our project in the summer and we hope to hit our revised target of launch in Autumn 2020. We'll keep you posted as we progress. Thanks for sticking with us.

And as a reminder of who we are and where we'd got to pre-COVID-19...

We’re reviving the ancient craft of distilling in our hometown of Lurgan, Co Armagh, Ireland.

In 1837 a massive fire destroyed one of Irelands largest distilleries in Lurgan, Co Armagh. An estimated £10M of spirits (in today’s money) went up in smoke. Local legend has it that the only thing to survive was the recipe book which was ghosted away to the shores of Lough Neagh, where the fine crafts of brewing and distilling sunk to the murky depths…. Wanting to revive the craft to the area we established Lough Neagh Distillers in 2018, being one of Ireland's newest craft distillers and brewers, based in Co. Armagh in the town of Lurgan; located near the shores of Lough Neagh.

We are also the owners of the "Spade:Town" brand of beers, which launched a limited run of spirits with our Spade:Town Gin & Vodka products. Currently we are in the midst of a major rebranding with plans to scale & grow into 2020 with a range of spirits based on the legends & stories of Lough Neagh.

We'll be launching our new professional website and digital presence in Autumn 2020. In the meantime if you want to stay in touch follow us on twitter @loughneaghdist or drop us an email to