RecipesBlood Margarita

• 1 oz. Lough Neagh Distillers’ Whiskey
• 1 oz. pomegranate juice
• 1 oz. fresh lime juice
• 3 dashes orange bitters
• 1 oz. fresh squeezed blood orange juice (about 1 orange)
• 1 tbsp. agave

Cocktail Preparation

1. In a mason jar or cocktail shaker filled with ice, mix Lough Neagh Distillers’ Whiskey, pomegranate juice, lime juice, bitters, blood orange juice and agave together.
2. Shake & strain into coupe glass or serve in rocks glass over a 2″ ice cube.
3. Garnish with dehydrated blood orange wheel

You can pre-batch this cocktail the night before a party and keep in the fridge until ready to serve.