``There's No Absolutes In Life, Only Vodka``

Mick Jagger

We think old rubber gub wasn’t being too dismissive towards the good folks at Absolut Vodka when he said that. Then again, if you’re in your 80’s and acting like a 25 year old who’s just won his (or her) first County Championship it’s fair to say there’s nothing certain only Vodka indeed.

Anyhow, working with our friends in Antrim we’ve triple distilled a smooth, clean Vodka for our good friends over at Spade.Town Brewery to help them get up and off the ground. We’ve worked to a small batch, hand crafted recipe and we’re damn proud of it too.

Use as a base in your favourite cocktail, with Soda, fresh lime and crushed ice or just put it in the freezer and sip that wonderful, syrupy Vodka flavour with the spice of Ard Mhacha at its heart. We think you’ll like it a lot…